While the speakers are louder there is some distortion at loudest setting. Boot time is about 30 seconds. HP ProBook G5 – I have used a SSD version of the and performance and battery time was less than impressive. Audio does sound excellent through headphone jack with a good set of head phones. This is no longer the case. The left part of the keyboard has more flex and you can tell the keys have a bit more travel than the rest of the keyboard.

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The battery mine is presently 4 years old still lasts for several hours of enthusiastic use, and the charger is smart enough to power down when the battery is done charging. It runs very well on the HA. A portable that doesn’t break? I installed Vista Ultimate on the HA and it runs surprisingly well. There is significantly less flex in the HA than the It has the asus eee 900ha small form factor as the previous model asus eee 900ha replaces the Solid State Drive with a GB hard drive.

Yes, please, might I have another?


Having a hard drive has not added a lot of heat. I like the keyboard assus the HA better than the and It is upgradable, however it is a P. The space bar is shorter on the HA because they added a right ctrl key. Battery and AC Power. Having the Atom asus eee 900ha and a hard drive and a fast one really improves the netbook experience.

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There is very little flex in the palm rests and the screen. Also, there are situations where in the past I had to lug around my full eew notebook but I will no longer have to like asus eee 900ha photos from memory cards on vacation. I have played other games with the Quake III engine and they play great as well.

It is a shame that they did asus eee 900ha use the same 5, mAh battery that they did on eeeethe battery time would be even better. Performance when running applications seems about the same as XP.

ASUS Eee PC HA – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

Applications that are included are Microsoft Works, Windows Live! There are no caps lock or num lock indicator lights. Scrolling did not work well in Firefox until I updated touchpad drivers. The HA has a glossy lid which looks asus eee 900ha nice when clean though it is a fingerprint magnet.

ASUS Eee PC 900HA User Review

I also get better battery time on Vista than XP. Even p videos can be played with the right software and in super performance mode.


Backlight bleed through is asus eee 900ha minimal with HA and is in fact much better than some much more expensive displays that I have viewed. The HA is even louder than my I can maintain a connection anywhere in my home or yard. Gaming performance in Vista is a bit better than in XP.

The speakers on the HA are quite loud for a netbook. Battery life on the HA is good.

ASUS Eee PC HA User Review

Thankfully asus eee 900ha only part of the netbook that is glossy is the lid. Alienware 17 R5 VR Ready Other features of touchpad on HA include scrolling, zooming, and drag and drop. The downside of the anti-glare coating is that there is a graininess that is apparent in some instances.

The HA is louder than the and

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