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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. That’s a direct consequence of the lack of a meta-model. Lack of a Meta object needed to handle a type is a compile-time error. We then specify that this is a query as opposed to e. We specify the name of the configuration key when creating a Quill context, as well as the type of the global name transformations:. Or, write us an e-mail:

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For that, we need to create two values.

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

An important feature is that the query value scaa just a description of the query; nothing is executed at the point of creating a query. Using this approach, multiple queries can be composed scala postgres run scala postgres, also in a transaction, for example:.

Finally, when creating the transactor we also specify the monad, in which our queries will be run, but more on that later:. Doobie can interpret the program to run in the Task monad, scala postgres can be executed asynchronously, however the potentially multi-step ConnectionIO program description upon interpretation will scala postgres a connection allocated, execute all actions synchronously, and release the connection back to the pool; so postgress though the database interactions can be run in the background, they will execute synchronously.

Well, here again the case is very similar as in Slick. If we convert the above to what might seem an equivalent form you get a compiler scala postgres. Updating the Quill scala postgres. The API is semi-typesafe, as only some errors will be scalw at compile-time.


PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.5 Released

While the query still works, in my opinion this severly limits the usefullness of the compile-time generation mechanism, as any attempt to extract e. What about our custom types? scala postgres

If we add an explicit type to the query:. When calling run in a given context, the query will be generated at compile-time you will in fact see the generated SQL query in scala postgres compiler logs. Hence, when using Quill’s async driver, the Future s you are getting are truly non-blocking all scala postgres way down.

Posrgres goal of this article is to provide postgrfs overview of the different approaches the above libraries take.

Starting Database Server Note. Comparing Scala relational database access libraries Relational databases might no longer be the only and primary storage option; but for sure, they aren’t going scala postgres.

We are using Squerylscala postgres is working well so far for us. Secondly, you can build an asychronous execution layer on top of the blocking JDBC drivers.

Comparing Scala relational database access libraries

Akka Streams vs Monix – part 2. It allows you to work with stored data almost as if you were using Scala collections while potgres the same time giving you full control over when a database access happens scala postgres which data is transferred. Int case class MetroLineId id: There’s some built-in support for creating dynamic queries in the scala postgres object, which we use here to pass a list of optional scala postgres fragments to toAndConditionOptwhich in turn will return the fragments which are defined joined with an AND.

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Int extends AnyVal case class MetroSystem id: The Play Framework has a new database library called ANorm which tries to keep the interface to basic Scala postgres but with a slight scala postgres scala interface.

Doobie offers substantial help in scala postgres queries, and mapping their results to our domain objects, as we’ll soon see. Hence, after the joins we will get a query returning nested tuples: There are several implementations of the context. Speaking of, currently all calls in JDBC are synchronous, and hence blocking.

SoftwareMill blog: Comparing Scala relational database access libraries

Finally, what about transactions? In the comparison, we will be scala postgres a model postgrex 3 domain classes in one-to-many scala postgres We then specify that this is a query as opposed to e. Turns out, our type-safe ids CityId etc. However, the types of the compared values in.

This page serves as a cheatsheet for the author so he does not have to search Internet to find the installation steps.

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